Stonehaven Baptist is a member of the Baptist Union of Scotland.


The Bible is the source of everything that we believe as a church. It is God’s Word to people everywhere, and it “is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness” (2 Timothy 3:16). We faithfully teach what the Bible means so that people may skillfully apply it’s significance to their lives.

The beliefs and values that we affirm are shared by other Christians. As a member church in the Baptist Union of Scotland, we affirm the Union’s Declaration Principle. This summary statement of faith positions our church as an evangelical, Baptist congregation.

The doctrines that we believe are explained by statements of faith such as the FIEC’s Beliefs and their statements on Gospel Unity and Women in Ministry. These clarify our specific views on issues that affect the church, and they are affirmed by our pastor and elders.


A church that accepts the Bible’s authority

We will teach the Bible with integrity, clarity, and humility. It will be our guide in everything we do—informing what we believe, identifying where we belong, and instructing how we behave. We will cherish the Scriptures, finding different ways for people of all ages and backgrounds to engage the glorious truths of God’s Word.

A church that worships reverently and whole-heartedly

We will declare the greatness of God and the brokenness of people, inviting everyone to worship him in spirit and truth. We will pray earnestly, worship gratefully, listen attentively, sing passionately, and follow God faithfully. We will gather for congregational worship that honours him above all else.

A church that loves Jesus and all people

We will embrace God’s heart to reach our lost and broken world. We will be unashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We will find creative ways to share the good news of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. We will encourage our friends and family to respond to Jesus’ offer of new life in him. We will enable others as they take this good news to all nations around the earth.

A church that fully relies on grace

We want the gospel of grace to be the central theme that permeates our church, from teaching, to worship, to prayer, to outreach, to discipleship, to vocation, to marriage, to parenting, to education, to leadership, to stewardship, to mission, etc. It is grace that reconciles sinners to God, sustaining the entire Christian life and motivating outreach.

A church that develops godly leaders

We will raise up new leaders and empower them to use their gifts as God directs. We desire and value godly leaders who are pacesetters in living the gospel, which is demonstrated in qualities such as genuine humility, ongoing repentance, faith-filled dependence, joy-filled attitudes, and cheerful generosity.

A church that strengthens and starts churches

We will foster a culture of leadership multiplication that strengthens our church and spills over into other churches. We want to be a part of a movement to renew more Scottish churches and start new ones. We will support those who are serving our church, revitalising established churches, and planting new churches.

Church Staff